Pre-configure network IF?

Hello, I haven’t been using openwrt for many years, so I haven’t been very active on these forums. (Incidentally, I cant seem to login under my old username, garlicsalt2. Not sure if I forgot my password or if my account is so old that the mods locked it or something. Anyhow, I digress...)

I have an old NetGate APU 1D4, I wrote the image to an 8 GiB SD card, but it just occurred to me: there is no VGA on that device, only DB9 Serial. None of my current PCs have a serial port. I do have an old serial cable and null modem adapter. Any way to preconfigure the network IFs before booting?

The LAN network will come up on a fresh install with and the wireless will be off.

If you want to "preconfigure" you can create an appropriate /etc/config/network file and install it on the "overlay" file system.

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If it's an ext4 filesystem, you can mount the card on a desktop Linux and edit the config files.