Pre-compiled updated mwlwifi drivers for stable releases


Linksys EA4500 also uses this wifi chip, and has quite unstable wireless performance. Are these drivers compatible with EA4500? If anyone has compiled and tested for that device, were any benefits apparent?


Your router has a different architecture, I do not think these packages are compatible. Does your device use the same packages? You can execute opkg list-installed | fgrep mwlwifi and post the results here.


Huh, you're right; it has mwl8k-firmware - 2017-09-06-a61ac5cf-1. Either the toh/techdata page is wrong, or its reference to mwlwifi doesn't mean what I thought it meant. šŸ¤·


I think the techdata page is wrong, the mwlwifi drivers do not support your hardware.

[Solved] Wi-Fi issue with WRT 1200AC after update to 18.06

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Packages updated to commit 7537480:

  1. Upgrade 88W8997 firmware to
  2. Added code to load power table for 88W8997.
  3. Fixed the code to load calibration data.
  4. Change driver version to

At first sight, these changes seem to be related exclusively to the 88W8997 chip, that is not present on any device supported by OpenWrt; I would not expect any improvements.

Packages for 17.01.5 and 18.06.0 available at


Hi @eduperez :slight_smile:

First of all, thank for your work. :slight_smile:
I've a question.

I'm in France, with a WRT3200ACM device.
When I'm on the 5GHz Wi-Fi, on the channel 100, it's happened than the router change the channel to the lower, 36.

I need to reboot the router to fix this issue.
I think it's the DFS.

You think it's normal?

Thaniks :slight_smile:


Yes, that looks like normal DFS behaviour; have a look at the "Note for DFS of WRT3200ACM (88W8964)" message on, or review the explanation at


I deleted phy2. I hope that the concern will be solved.


Doesn't work. My Wi-Fi is still on channel 36.:confused:


Have you read about DFS? As suggested, this sounds like normal behaviour dependent on location.


Yes, but it's annoying. : /

I can't reply to @lantis1008, so I do it here :

I don't know why I can't stay on channel 100, because I'm alone on this channel.
While on channel 36, there is 3 other SSID...

I don't understand.


Iā€™m sorry that you find compliance with regulations annoying lol


@eduperez I didn't follow conversation between you and jow long enough, hence the question: does the 18.06.1 already include the latest driver/firmware for WRT3200ACM and you have no newer version to build or is the one coming soon?


18.06.01 contains driver version, which is not the very latest.


As if newer is automatically better...


I am trying to install the latest drivers for the WRT3200ACM. I have downloaded all ipks from your Github.

Currently I am getting the following:

root@OpenWRT3200ACM:~# opkg install --force-downgrade kmod-mwlwifi_4.4.140+10.3.
Downgrading kmod-mwlwifi on root from 4.14.54+2018-03-30-fcaea79a-1 to 4.4.140+
Collected errors:
 * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for kmod-mwlwifi:
 * 	kernel (= 4.4.140-1-78acdb0e5133ba67c91f7694e305d1e7) * 
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package kmod-mwlwifi.

Thank you for your help and guidance...
Sorry I just read that you would test this this weekend. I guess the drivers I downloaded you released 2 days ago.


Because it isn't about networks, it's about radar.


Are you installing these on the official build of 17.01.5? Make sure to carefully read which ipk is for which system.