Pppoe protocol (and interface) missing on switch Zyxel GS1900-24E


I installed OpenWRT on a switch to use it as a full featured router. It is located directly beside the provider modem in the technic room. I know the switch has not that much power with 500Mhz but I like to try if it is powerful enough for NAT.

In interface dialog no WAN (pppoe-wan) was configured like with my Netgear R7800 routers so I tried to set it up. I installed all pppoe packages but it does not show up in the protocol dropdown. Any ideas how to fully enable pppoe on my pimped switch?


do you have ppp installed?

The wiki says

Protocol "pppoe" (PPP over Ethernet)
:!: The packages ppp, kmod-pppoe and ppp-mod-pppoe must be installed to use PPPoE.

Also did you reboot after installing the packages?

It's still a switch, not a router. Even if OpenWrt could use it as such, the hardware isn't capable to do it at reasonable speeds.

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You would have saved yourself some time if you had searched through this forum first. There are several threads that mention that the max is around 20MBit/s when misusing the switch as a NAT router.

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I looked for it but did not find any absolut value. Many people posting 1Gbit fiber is fast...but 20Mbit is slow also from my point of view with 50Mbit. :slight_smile: Lost 2 hours only...

So for standard switching things I like to revert to the Zyxel firmware, does anybody perhaps knows if it is uncritically to simply upload the OEM firmware?


PS: @d687r02j8g Installed all as visible in the screenshot. But with 20Mbit I will revert to OEM firmware.

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