PPPOE limits speed to only 100 mbps

SOLVED****** Despite ISP assurances, it was an issue with the ISP MODEM which has been repalced and the issue is resolved.

Having a bit of an issue with speed using PPPOE to connect to the internet.
I have a NanoPi R2S running OpenWRT.
I have a 1 gbps internet connection.
I have my internet service set to allow PPPOE connection.
If I use my computer directly connected to the ISP's MODEM I can get 1000 mbps speed reliably and consistently.
If I connect my NanoPi R2S to the MODEM I can only achieve 100 mbps speeds when using PPPOE to connect to the internet.
The R2S hardware supports 1000 mbps, and achieves 1000 mbps internet if I use DHCP for the internet connection but as soon as I switch to PPPOE for the internet connection it gets only 100 mbps internet.
I have eliminated bad cables as the cause by testing thoroughly and replacing every part of the setup with known good hardware.
Any help in figuring this one out is hugely appreciated.

You don't directly mention this and then you say:


Does the device negotiate connection at 100 or 1000 Mbps during this issue?

Totally right, I made the issue unclear in my description with conflicting information.
My mistake, thank you for pointing it out so I could correct it.

Your edits did not clarify:

What is the actual speed the wire connects with?

Usually on devices with lights, it would change from green to amber if it was 1000 then 100 (or vice-versa lol).

For a switch, you could see with:

swconfig dev switch0 show | grep speed

But I'm not sure the colors (if any) for your PHY.

(If it helps to clarify more, I'm wondering if you're saying the PHY speed downgraded to 100 Mbps, or just slow speed.)

Are you saying your ISP offers both PPPoE and native Ethernet connection?

If so, why use PPPoE?

(This is why I though you meant "line negotiation speed" and not "speed from a speedtest".)

Or....is your ISP device's interface 100 Mbps-only, and you just noticed it when flipping or moving it to check?

The r2s has no switch, just two plain ethernet cards - ethtool will help there.

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