PPPoE connection speed drops after a few minutes

Hello guys and thank You for your time. My router is a TP-Link Archer C6 V3.20 EU running OpenWrt 22.03.0-rc4 r19426-2b1941e47d / LuCI openwrt-22.03 branch git-22.140.66268-ef99568
I have been using OpenWRT for a few months with no problems, but, since yesterday I keep having some issues. I have an 500mbps subscription with PPPoE as connection method over fibre. I usually get between 450-500 Mbps in speedtest for both download and upload, but, yesterday I noticed that 4K videos are loading much slower than usually, so, I ran a speedtest, results? 25 Mbps download and about 70 Mbps upload on Ethernet. I restarted the router and I got again almost 500 Mbps for about 5 minutes, then, again, slow speeds. My link to the router is gigabyte speed, also my WAN link to my provider. I maded the PPPoE connection on my laptop directly with the WAN cable and the speeds are normal, just under 500mbps, I kept testing for 30-40 minutes, no drops, same speed, instant 4k videos. After that I moved the WAN cable again in the router and, again, 5 mintues I had normal speeds, then, again, 25 mbps. I only have the DDNS mod installed so I restored the settings and done tests without any mod installed, same results, 5 minutes good speed and then, drop to 25 mbps. Again, WAN cable in the laptop, PPPoE and for about 3 hours normal speeds, then, I used the router again but this time with my laptops Ethernet MAC adress cloned just to be sure, again, 5 minutes good speed and then back to 25mbps. Any suggestions?