Possible to upgrade flash memory in TP-Link Archer C6 (v2 EU)?


in the last days I bought two Archer C6 routers. It is in the recommended devices list for OpenWrt, and it was too late when I realized that only the US version is recommended because it has 16MB flash instead of 8MB in the EU version...

Otherwise it seems ok so far.

I have read an article about changing the RAM and flash chips in a WR841N. So my question is: Is it possible to change the 8MB flash chip of the Archer C6 for a 16 MB flash? (and of course transfer the relevant data from the old chip to the new one and make it usable?)

8 MB of flash is still enough to do many things. If you really want 16 it should be possible to convert it to be like a US model. Not having actually done it though here's what I would try.

Running OpenWrt (EU version), extract the 5 chip partitions: u-boot, mac, firmware, tp-link, and ART. Back these up on your PC as 5 files. Then cat them together in order and you should have one file exactly 8 MiB in size. cat that file with itself to make a 16 MiB file --- this is just a trick to push a copy of the ART to the end of the chip where it needs to be. Program this file into a 16 MB chip then swap the chip.

The router should boot the EU firmware again, you still only have 8 MB usable until you upgrade to the US build.

Note that the mac and ART partitions are unit specific, so copy them from each unit individually.

Ideally you'd install a US bootloader but it should work to just keep the EU one.

Hello Mike,

thank you for the answer.

@all: I guess the Archer C6 uses a SOP8 flash chip and I will need a SOP8 Test Clip, right?
What 16MB chip should I order?
Does anyone know what flash chip is soldered into the Archer C6 US version?