Possible to rename leases

Hey everyone, hope you are doing well. So, to my question. Becuase, as you can see here, there are names which I have no idea to which device they belong to ("?", "fd89:b73c:befa::378", "DESKTOP-QB9JS1E") and I would like to simply rename them to know. Is there any way of renaming them?
Thank you for your help guys :slight_smile:.

The names are supplied by the DHCP client device. You get a "?" if it did not supply a name.

You can make reservations by MAC address, which will attach your name to a "?" device when it signs on with its MAC. I don't know if the reserved name will replace the client name if both exist though.

It does, at least in the overview screens.

For UI purposes, a self-populated /etc/ethers may help.

I have one crafted with all the "known" MACs that I've assigned in my off-OpenWRT DHCP server. At least with older versions, the MAC address and name need to be separated by a single [space] character. More recent versions of the LuCI packages are accepting of the man-page description of /etc/ethers and accept spaces and tabs.