Possible to configure data of self-signed cert for luci-ssl-nginx?


for testing/evaluation, i installed luci-ssl-nginx.
So far so good, its working and it generated an self-signed certificate.
Is it possible to somewhere configure which infos are used for the self-signed cert?
Currently its generated with following infos:

O = OpenWrt9B0DE90AC8CACD56
CN = OpenWrt
L = None
ST = Somewhere
C = ZZ

I know for the uhttpd certs this can be configured in /etc/config/uhttpd.
But is this also possible for the luci-ssl-nginx package? Or is it not intended to individualize the infos in the self-signed generated cert? I saw, that nginx-util init_lan is somehow used? So if i want to have "correct" data in the cert i have to generate it manually by openssl etc?