Possible problems in speed test

Model Linksys WRT1900ACS v2
Architecture ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
Firmware Version SNAPSHOT r13658-5234593462 / LuCI Master git-20.171.46309-c351bee
Kernel Version 5.4.48
Internet PPPoE IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack 1Gbps
You see something strange in the top, is this value of 99% normal, what it represents, this value?

Does anyone know what would be the reason why wrt1900acs v2 can no longer reach a speed close to 950 Mbps, with ddwrt the latest beta I manage to reach this speed on the wire.

as you can see on the wifi side it handles well!

I will post here some images with ddwrt

It's idle CPU time, not weird if the CPU is not working on something.

Most likely dd-wrt is using proprietary closed source modules for the chipset of the router, which OpenWrt is not using.
But it is not clear from all these screenshots which is better. There is a speedtest with dd-wrt ar 178Mbps.

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Tests on both sides with lower values are on the wifi side 2.4Ghz 175 mbps, respectively higher values 500mbps wifi 5Ghz!
if you hold the cursor on the image, the test description will appear...

if we look at OpenWrt in time with Kernel Version 4.19.91 it was able to reach 933mbps!

I'mlost...why is the OP comparing CPU in OpenWrt to memory in another distro?

No, I see nothing strange.


Are you implying 822.2 Mbps is bad?


See above the images with the results of the DD-WRT software!

This router can not cope with 1Gbps?
More strange is that these results are with software flow offloading active and inactive,it is clear that it is limited from OpenWrt .....

dd-wrt might be using hardware offloading (The stock firmware most definitely is). Due to its closed source nature, Openwrt does not have hardware flow offloading (With an exception for the mt7621 platform). This means that performance on Openwrt in most cases is lower than on stock firmware. In exchange though, you got many more features and security updates that the stock firmware can't even dream of having.

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Yes It's true what you say, in previous versions of kernel with this router I was able to reach a speed of 935Mbps per wire...