Possible bug in 19.07.0 with "block" command and "f2fs"

I wasn't having this problem under the 18 branch releases:

$ sgdisk -Zo -n 1:0:0 -c 1:DRIVE -t 1:8300 /dev/sda
$ mkfs.f2fs -l drive /dev/sda1
$ block info /dev/sda1
label buffer too small 1024 > 255
/dev/sda1: UUID="1325deea-ffd4-4850-b9b2-9e0f9901ba68" VERSION="1.8" MOUNT="/mnt/drive" TYPE="f2fs"

I've googled everywhere and I cannot find any manpage for the "block" command. Weird! Does anyone know how to increase the buffer size when I run the command?

P.S this other wee problem continues from the 18 branch: The "block" command fails to spit out the partition label of "f2fs" partitions, which should in the above example be "LABLE="drive" but it does spit the correct label if the format is "EXT4". However I want the kind and gentle "f2fs" for my cheesy USB stick.

It's a bug, report it on https://bugs.openwrt.org so it gets fixed.

Reported as bugs:
FS#2735- block command throws buffer error with f2fs
FS#2736 block command fails to output f2fs partition LABEL

Does anyone know if there is a man-page available for the "block" command?
I can't find any on the web.

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