Porting mikrotik LHG5 to ath79

will this device work under ath79

Someone with the device to test the changes, has to make the port from ar71xx to ath79.
Show us your work, and we might be able to help?

It is much safer to netboot, rather than sysupgrade. If your partitions are incorrect you could wipe the bootloader and end up unbootable. Best to have a full NOR backup before you start testing.

MikroTik SXT 5nD r2 (SXT Lite5) should be similar.
I would start with SXT Lite5 DTS, cut the NAND node, check the NOR partition order is correct, and add the firmware partition, somewhat like qca9533 NOR DTS.

Block diagram is the same as the square SXTsq Lite5

Internal photos:

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yes, thanks, so the trick cold be to usesomething like nor of the LHG2 that is already in ath79.
i'll try that.