Portal (Razer / Ignition Design Labs) - bringing up modern OpenWrt

I have recently purchased a Portal router, with the intention of porting mainline OpenWrt to it.

The Portal has a rather strange architecture, in that it actually has 2 separate SoCs: a QCA9563 handling normal router functions and providing the web interface, and a QCA9531 (FCC docs show QCA4531, but I have taken mine apart, and it definitely says 9531 both on the chip itself and in the boot log - aparently these two are identical chips intended for different use cases) responsible for the DFS "Fastlane" function and cloud/app-based manageability. Both SoCs run separate instances of OpenWrt 15.05 Chaos Calmer, with a custom web interface on the 9563, "uath"-based (=vendor?) wireless drivers, and a custom daemon on each SoC (called "rwdagent" on the 9563 and "rwdmanager" on the 9531) seemingly managing communications between the two SoCs. So far, I have been able to gain root access and install LuCi on both SoCs, and disable rwdmanager's "phone home" features.

The 9563 is located on the router's main logic board, and the boot log indicates that this board self-identifies as an "AP152" reference design (which it's definitely not, it's clearly a custom board). The 9531 (4531 in FCC docs) is on an M.2 daughterboard, which self-identifies as an "AP143". The communications between the 2 boards appear to go over an Ethernet link wired to unused pins on the M.2 connector, even though the PCI-E lanes also appear to be connected.

Any ideas where to get started with bringing up a modern OpenWrt on this device? Are such dual-SoC setups even supported in any useful way?

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Getting the GPL Corresponding Source would be another source of information about the physical and logical layout and connectivity.

Understanding if the OEM firmware is running OpenWrt or QSDK (which identifies as OpenWrt Barrier Breaker or Chaos Calmer, depending on version) is valuable. QSDK has diverged significantly from OpenWrt and incorporates Qualcomm Atheros proprietary drivers and code that is generally not available to individuals,

I can't meaningfully comment on dual-SoC operation under OpenWrt.

Apparently it is QSDK indeed; the wireless drivers are definitely these: https://git.kos.org.cn/openkos/qca-wifi/tree/555ae6815659d38b0090395ed7d40ea6dd7a5ef9/qca-wifi/qca-wifi-

As for GPL sources, they have this: https://portalwifi.com/legal (Open Source tab), which simply links to OpenWrt.org. Not even close to compliance.

did anyone managed to adapt these drivers to current snapshot and is willing to provide changes? i did make some progress but gave up once i realised they do not fit my requirements

I would actually prefer to run the normal in-tree "ath" drivers, not the vendor "qca" ones. Although I'm not sure if Portal's DFS magic is possible with the in-tree drivers.

Hello, I own two Portal Wifi, and I'm unable to setup OpenVPN client successfully. So I'm wondering how can I gain root access to it... Can you give me a clue?

Root may be gained by serial connection although I don't know the pinout or which set to connect to.