Port to AVM FRITZ!Box 3490

After working on the FRITZ!Box 3390, I started porting OpenWrt to the FRITZ!Box 3490. So far, it seems very similar to the 3390 and most tools work with no or just a few modifications.

It follows a design very similar to the 3390, but is more powerful:

  • Lantiq target with 256MB RAM and 512MiB NAND
  • ath79 target with 128MB RAM and WiFi modules (2.4GHz and 5GHz are most likely both connected to the ath79)

The communication between the two SoC is similar (i.e. stage 1 loader via MDIO, stage 2 firmware via raw ethernet frames), but I need to figure out a few more commands for the MDIO upload - so far, the stage 1 loader is transferred, but does not start.

The good news is that I finally figured out the checksumming algorithm and can now upload any loader via MDIO.
The bad news is that the Lantiq target requires a few more patches to work properly:

  • The NAND is only supported in 4.20, luckily, I found a backport-patch
  • The xhci controller requires a firmware upload, luckily, I found a patch in the apm821xx target

Once I've figured the remaining parts out, I'll try to get it officially supported - at least, the Lantiq target.


I've just got the ath79 target to boot my Kernel :slight_smile:

Both upload tools needed a few adaptations, but they now support the 3390 and the 3490. So far, only one of the WiFi devices is detected on the ath79, this is WiP.

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Looking forward to the release. I have the Fritx Box 3490 sitting in a box waiting to be used a spare modem, Should work well with OpenWrt specs wise.

Hi, thanks for you work on the 3490! Just signed up to say thanks :slight_smile:

I'd have one available that i currently don't use as well, so If ever need be i can use it to test things.

Thanks for the heads up! Today, I got the Ethernet on the ath79 working as well as the 5GHz WiFi.


  • 2.4GHz WiFi - firmware extraction is still WiP
  • USB - the firmware is there, but the device does not seem to respond at all?
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So, big improvements, but not yet there: Both WiFi chips work, the only thing missing is USB. It's WiP, with a newer kernel patch, the device is initialized, but fails to enumerate USB devices.

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