Port forwarding not working?

Im trying to set up a SMB temporal server, i dont need any VPN because it will work until a file is transferred... I have checked the opened ports online and my "External port" appears Closed.

I tried to check https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/firewall/fw3_configurations/port_forwarding but it redirects to https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/firewall/fw3_configurations/fw3_nat that i dont understand so much.

Can anyone help me in this? Thanks

this is incredibly stupid, from a security perspective.

I also don't think port 445 is enough.


What should i do then? I just need to tranfer a file from one remote PC to another. I use smb not ftp because its easier for me

is running Windows ?

have the pull the file instead ?
LAN -> WAN samba should work without any extra fw rules.

yes, it is running Windows

Yes. I will transfer the file from to the remote host

Where? i dont understand that. sorry. I cannot connect the host to the SMB server thats why i think is a problem of port forwarding


Use wetransfer to upload/download a file

If you want more setup WireGuard VPN

I need to send a file of 50GB~ WeTransfer only has 2gb free

You can use a could service that offers more space and/or pay for a tier that gives you the space to move that file.

But a VPN is the most secure and straightforward network based method.

Alternatively, if the two sites are relatively close to each other, sneakernet is always an option. Just buy a small external HD or a memory card and carry it from one site to the other. You could even ship the media if you needed.

But just setup a VPN.

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Is the firewall on the server configured to allow connections from external machines? Does your ISP allow this kind of connections?

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not an option... 360km between both sides

seems pretty hard for my knowledge... ill try... I just have OpenWRT in one of the sides, could i configure Wireguard anyways?

i think so. how can i check it?

I changed the router of my ISP for a OpenWRT router so i think im allowed to do this.

50GB with SMB and open WAN port for few hours ... suicide :slight_smile:
50GB with SMB over VPN ... suicide x10 :slight_smile: latency and samba is eternal enemyes
50GB need to be transfered with ftp at least because it could be re-started, it is less sensitive to latency
50GB is not so small amount

A ~6 hour drive, I'm guessing... depends how soon you need the file and how long it will take you to run the setup and the actual file transfer. I hope you have reasonable speeds on both the uplink of the sender and the downlink of the receiver. (for example, my previous ISP only gave me ~20Mbps upload with 800Mbps down; that would mean it would take about 5.5 hours to transfer a 50GB file from my side to yours, not accounting for setting up the connection and/or re-sending if there was a problem with the transfer).

Yes. Look at the road warrior config. As long as you have a public IP address on your OpenWrt wan, you can easily setup a 'server' type configuration and prepare a config file for the other side to use for connecting.

600Mbps download in side B (downloading file) and 200~Mbps in side A.

I dont think setting up Wireguard for one single file is worth in this case. I need the file there for this week and i dont have so much time to do tests and try if the VPN would work with a minimum performance. That why i asked to just open a port and fly

I will check this for the future.

Is NFS an option or is the same sh*t as SMB?

I think this will be the choosen option...

It is possible to setup the VPN in under an hour... I've done it enough times that I can start a setup from scratch and be done in 10 minutes.

Exposing a windows SMB service to the internet is extremely dangerous from a security standpoint.

I know right, but i dont have the enough knowledge to set it up so soon... If there is some URL that explains it step by step maybe i can do it

Yes, but... maybe being a "home" purposes can justifies that..

Flash drive, FedEx it ?

bread for today, hunger for tomorrow

same :frowning:

SMB and NFS are very good option for closed env. without too much routing, with stable latency and equal MTUs on devices involved in transfer

Im thinking about RDP :rofl:

I linked it already. There's even an automated wireguard setup process:

We've already spent more time on this thread than the actual process takes.

Nope. It's easy to think that way until your computer/network is compromised and your data is stolen (consider identity theft as part of the likely damage) or locked out via an encryption scheme with an extortion method for unlock.

Just to be clear, we are warning you because we want you to be able to do this securely. If you don't heed our warnings, that is both your choice and your responsibility.