Port forwarding gone mad

Can anyone explain this ?

port forward created for port 2223 opens port 2222 ....


port forward for port 2222 opens port 2223 ...

Your forward doesn't make much sense, you specified "this device" as target. The port will be reported as open only if something is actually listening there, otherwise it will be closed.
If you want to just open a port, this is the section "Traffic Rules".

How did you do the scan?


There is no specification, this is correct. All port forwards are to "this device".

He means the target, where the packet is forwarded.

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Ah sorry, I should have been clearer - yes, the forwarding target is also "this device", this is why I assume that the OP actually wants to open an incoming port - that would have been "Traffic Rules".

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at some point I had 2222 and 2223 opened with the port forward rule only for 2223

any suggestions on where to start the investigations ?

I used this before

As @andyboeh mentioned earlier, if you want to open a port on the router, the correct way is to create a traffic rule. The port forward should be used when you want to forward the packets to a server in the lan.

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