Port forwarding and WAN ping reply don't work

HI all,

I've just installed a fresh copy of OpenWrt 19.07 on my TP-Link Archer MR200 and I have a few issues with it.

  1. Port forwarding is not working
  2. I cannot ping WAN, I get: Destination host unreachable

*My WAN is 4G (SIM card).

Thank you.

4G integrated module and physical WAN port isn't the same?



  • Will you provide your port forward configs and explain what you're trying to do?
  • You cannot ping WAN...from where?
  • Your carrier allows pings and inbound traffic? Cool.
  • They give you a Public IP?

Thanks to Mr.Utilman, here is the solution I found on OpenWrt Forum: https://forum.archive.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=64293&p=3#67

@Mr.Utilman try set static IP on WAN interface:


now open port in "Network - Firewall" Port Forwarding

And a very important setting, if you want any Dynamic DNS to work with this config, in Dynamic DNS -> Advanced settings you need to choose URL as "IP address source" if you want the real IP to be shown, otherwise if you choose "Network" it will not work as it will detect local IP

This is actually a bad idea and might ban you from your ISP. If they are using DHCP for allocating addresses you can't set static by yourself.

In most cases LTE/3G connections are behind CG-NAT.
Therefore the IP that you ping is NOT the IP of your interface, but one IP in your ISP routers, and port forwarding will not work.

Did you read my previous post? I think you never had experience with 4G Router. Do you think any provider will allow to setup a static IP as you want? )

I'm not interfering into the Address that my Provider allocating. I've changed the static IP to WAN ethernet port that is not used, becase the 4G interface is used in my case.

Anyway the config above solves:

  1. ping WAN interface
  2. Port Forwarding
  3. Dynamic DNS

I read this thread, where no explanation was provided to the questions asked.

Think again.

Of course not.

Nuf said.

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It's a 4G Router - it has 2 WAN interfaces one used for cable ethernet and another for 4G SIM. In my case I'm using 4G interface as WAN. But as I said, if you don't have such a router you can't understand how it works.

...and not a single question I asked was answered, to help me learn.

Thanks anyways. :thinking:

(I was really curious to learn at minimum where the OP was pinging WAN from; but I think I read...that the OP merely didn't assign a static Private IP for NATing from the Carrier issued Public IP. So I did learn one thing!)

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