Port 443 keeps losing connection to PS4

My setup: There's the ISP's router wired to my archer c7 (running LEDE 18.06) and a PS4 connected to it (also wired).

For a long time I've been dealing with enourmous delay that starts a few minutes after the first match of the game starts.

After some research, I'm now convinced that this is due to a loss of connection to the port 443. I do not get disconnected from the game, but it gets "unplayable". Very sluggish. I notice that when the connection in port 443 is good, the gameplay feels ok. When it changes to "TIME_WAIT" or "CLOSE_WAIT" (after a few minutes) the gameplay feels horroble.

My configurations:

  • I asked the ISP to give me one IP as DMZ in their router ( I configured my router to that IP so the ISP's router acts mainly as a bridge.

  • My PS4 has fixed IP ( and I configured miniupnp on LEDE to cover only the PS4's IP. (I tried forwarding ports to the PS4's IP, but I was not sure if it was working, so I chose to enable miniupnp).
    I believe that the miniupnp is working because I get ports 3659 and 9308 to IP as "active connections".

  • I also have SQM running on LEDE to minimize bufferbloat from my ISP.

Things I tried before:

  • I put the PS4 as directly in the ISP's router. But the gameplay feels bad. I don't know for sure if it's the same problem or if it's just the bufferbloat from my ISP.

  • When I tried to open all the ports in PS4 it did not do much. I don't know if what I did was correct.

I'm not an expert on this so I would appreciate some suggestions.


  1. Is there a way to know for sure if the port 443 is open? Or if something is "closing" it?

  2. Is there a way to test if the IP the ISP gave me ( is really acting as DMZ (I don't have access to login in the ISP router)?

  3. Do I need to ask the ISP to open the ports I use to play the game as well?

Thanks in advance.


I find it really hard to believe that programmers would use port 443 on the PS4 as server. Furthermore if the port is closed the game won't work at all. The behavior that you describe doesn't fit the problem. Could be explained by lag, dropped packets but not closed port.

You could use some port probing websites, but I am not sure you'll get the result you expect. Most certain way is to start a server on that port, be it http, https or anything else, and try to access it from the internet.

If they have configured the .200 as DMZ, that should be enough.

Disable this for now, if your getting freezes, then it wont help with troublshooting

I also have SQM running on LEDE to minimize bufferbloat from my ISP

Try to make sure your Network is free from other traffic..... then

Play your game.... see how it goes.....

On the router you need to see the actual connections..... i'd do;

opkg install conntrack
conntrack -L

but there are many better ways to do it...... from that at least you can get to know the ports ( o' iftop, iftraf will do it too )

Then, when the freezing occurs.... you can read the logs.... you can push data through 443 easily to test that.....

Having a single service effected points at qos or nefarious activity....

Try to keep track of the frequency of how often these things happen..... It will help alot......

My ISP had congestion and a 5 minute DHCP lease... on friday nights.... etc.... movies would grind a couple of times an hour......

Status lights on the devices might tell you something.....