Poor Ethernet performance on Google Wifi (AC-1304)

I installed the latest snapshot, and I just can't seem to pull any more than 200Mbps down from my 1000Mbps service. I've tried enabling all the offloading options along with packet steering. I gave irqbalance a go. Does anyone have any tips or experience dealing with this device?

You're not going to get 1gbit routing out of it.

Do you happen to know specifically why? The hardware is quite capable and with stock firmware it's a 1Gbit banger.

I should clarify because I just realised the title could be misleading - I'm connected via Gigabit Ethernet, not Wifi. I can only pull 200-250Mbps and it's killing me heh.

Because stock fw includes optimization/acceleration not published/available in Linux.

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On my AC-1304 the NAT performance can deliver ~660Mbps when I tested with snapshot quite a few months ago, not 1G but won't be 200-250M speed

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I have the same problem. I have 504 Mbps, but I only get 487 Mbps. Not a big problem for me though. (wire, not wifi)

Isn't 487 out of 504 can be considered as almost at the line speed???

I get 852 Mbit on my LAN against a Speed Test LXC with cable. And about 400 Mbit with WLAN, not sure if that's good or bad. I probably had similar results before I switched to Openwrt.

Can you explain a bit, where is the speedtest LXC located? Inside the Gale?
For WiFi, 400Mbps on WiFi isn't bad already, for 2T2R 802.11ac the best one I've seen was just 5xx Mbps.

Open Speed Test is running on a server within my local area network (LAN).