Pointing a Public IP to a ZeroTier IP on LAN machine


Here is what I am trying to do. I am trying to point a public IP from my openwrt to a ZeroTier IP.

The machine with ZeroTier IP is on my LAN.

I don't need to bridge the whole ZT network. I just want to do for 1 system. What would be the solution ? A static route ?

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If you're running it in OpenWrt, and ZeroTier actually uses IPs (I couldn't tell what it actually is), simply make a policy-based route and assign it to the single client.

Thank you, the zerotier is running on a system in LAN. Zerotier is not on the openwrt router itself

I want to point the public IP to the Zerotier IP on that system

What would be the commands/configuration

Router (publicIP) ---------> system (zerotierIP)

  • I'm not sure what that means. If that's your public IP, then it is your ZeroTeir IP.
  • Perhaps you're trying to make your system a router?

I think you want a port forward of basically all ports to the internal IP address created by zerotier?

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Yes, perhaps you got it.

I want to forward everything from my openwrt router to the zerotier address, just like a DMZ

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I know how to do a DMZ with LAN IP, that is not an issue.

How would you DMZ with a Zerotier IP Address. Remember that Zerotier is an overlay Network.

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Please, explain in detail what do you want to achieve.

Thanks, Please see the scenario under the link below. I want to forward all ports from my public IP to a ZeroTier IP. I have highlighted the issue in RED box.


just forward to the zerotier IP, and set up the static route using the 10.x.x.x of the zerotier box as gateway for the zerotier network... you'll also need to config the zerotier box as a router