POEPLUS L3 4x10G/24x1G Switch without POE Support BCM53346

I have the below L3 4x10G/24x1G switch without POE based on the BCM53346
(comes with POE support too)

Manufacturer has provided me the image in .bin format. Details for the chipset

Can someone help me to confirm from the .bin file (happy to provide the image to someone who can help);
a) if the device is supported
b) if the openwrt can be installed via the gui


You got the bin file, not us.

AFAIK, only RTL based switches are supported.

I don't have the technical knowledge, but happy to provide it. These switches are a fraction of the price of brand named switches. To be able to ditch the Chinese firmware for OpenWRT, should make an excellent lost cost switch for home or small business. Happy to provide the image to anyone that can review

Still Broadcom....

You should have gotten something RTL based, as in the thread you've posted in previously.

I may be naive, but if there is an SDK for the firmware, why wouldn't it be possible to create the firmware for the chipset in OpenWRT?

Maybe, knock yourself out, do let us know.

Start by checking what kernel version it's based on, openwrt 21.02 uses v5.1, if I remember correctly.

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Yes, I guess that cuts it.

Anyway, first question will be what exact boot loader that thing is running and whether that one is open enough to even attempt to run anything custom. In theory, maybe such switch chip even has somewhat usable upstream Linux kernel support but so far no supported OpenWrt device comes even close so there will be a lot of serious thinker required.

First step, find console UART and observe its boot log.

An SDK merely implies you get a combination of code and maybe some binary blobs, prepped for you, that should reproduce an image similar/identical to the one you can download from the manufacturer. They are frequently based on some ancient (but heavily adapted) OpenWrt version. You cannot transfer the modifications as is to the more current OpenWrt codebase, nor would you get a working image if you succeeded. The binary blobs are often what makes it tick.

Your SoC might be supportable (I believe it already is supported by OpenWrt) but unlike x86 you need to 'design' the whole image to work with your particular device. OpenWrt offers the framework for that, but you'll still need to do a lot of research and hansd-on testing.

Finally got the box through customs. I can provide the .BIN if anyone want to take a shot at making it work. 24 port 1Gb + 4 Port 10G with console port for $300.

Surely, at that price it is a bargain and is worth to try and get it working with decent firmware

I don't know about the others, but Broadcom has been such a bad choice in the past for so many reasons, that you'd have to pay me an hourly rate to even look at Broadcom hardware.

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Sorry, if I had the money, I would have bought a more expensive kit, and not something cheap from China :wink:

Are comparable openwrt-compatible switches from e.g. the Zyxel XGS series really more expensive? Plus, there are many examples also here in this forum, where people bought something shiny a year ago, and now realize, they bought E-waste without good Linux support with Broadcom/Nvidia/PowerVR inside, and now need to again spend time and money to replace the kit, rendering any short-term financial gains moot. And grey hairs stay grey. I have several boxes worth of stuff rotting away in a closet blocked on stone-age kernels because of those 3 companies, so you can consider my view biased.

Used Realtek-based switches can be found at very reasonable prices (~€100), although that won't buy you SFP+ ports. The Zyxel XGS1010-12 can be bought here for <€200, but has less ports. It's advertised as an unmananged switch, but apparently is almost identical to the (more expensive) managed XGS1210-12.

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But that's not the PoE version or am I missing anything?

that is not the poe version no, they make both a poe and non-poe version.

The SoC might even be supported upstream:


And there is even an upstream device tree for some Unifi Switch using a SoC from the same family:


Not so sure though whether or not the actual switch fabric has a mainline driver or not. Maybe the B53 one can also work on those:


Anyway, the biggest initial question will be whether or not it even has any kind of a halfway sane boot loader allowing you to do anything useful. Good luck!

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