Please Share the xdsl firmware, I cant extract this

Please Share the xdsl firmware, I cant extract this

Downloads for 5.9.0.C.1.7-5.9.0.A.0.1

Extracting the source files:

7z e FRITZ.Box_7412.137.06.85.image -r filesystem.image 7z e filesystem.image filesystem_core.squashfs unsquashfs4-avm-be filesystem_core.squashfs -e lib/modules/dsp_vr9/ cd squashfs-root/lib/modules/dsp_vr9/ bspatch vr9-B-dsl.bin vr9-A-dsl.bin vr9-A-dsl.bin.bsdiff

NOTE: unsquashfs4-avm-be is part of You have to checkout the freetz source and build the tools (make tools) to get the binary. NOTE: p7zip version 15.09 or newer is required to extract the images.

  • Why would we have OEM firmware for a device?
  • Is this OpenWrt related?
  • If so, perhaps we can help if you tell us why are you trying to extract a binary image as if it were a ZIP/TAR file?

Technically it is not legal to share or distribute the file. This is why you only find instructions on how to extract it yourself.


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