Please make these packages for Mediatek


I have a GL.Inet GL-MT300A router with MTK 7620A.
Please make these packages of new versions for Mediatek:

  • privoxy
  • shadowsocks
  • mc + mcedit
  • screen
  • wget

Thank you! :slight_smile:

But these packages already do exist and should be available for your router as well.
If you want the software, read up on:
It tells you what you want to know. Judging from your comment, I suspect
you are mostly interested in the "Adjust Repositories" and "Example" section.

Sorry, but for them there is no architecture Mediatek -


They are all there:

But there is ramips, respectively mipsel_24kc; opkg on the target image knows best where to fetch packages.

That's what the MT7620A SoC uses...

Ok. Please give me direct link to download binary firmware for GL.iNet GL-MT300A / MTK 7620A.
I can't find it on your difficult site :cry:

Have You checked stable release page?

I flashing

Now the router stopped working :sob:

How to unbrick the router? :rage:

That happens if You flash wrong image. WTH you flash other than pointed?
Now 'use The Google, @tamila' :innocent:

But today is a good day, so look here: Tutorial: Unbricking/Upgrading your Gl-iNet.

And remember: do all as written or or You stay with an some nice paper button :compression:

Thank you very much! Router works again :blush:

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Installed LEDE 17.01.
Installed privoxy v.3.0.26-2
However, it turned out that privoxy does not work at all! :rage:

PS. At OpenWRT he worked, but bad.