Please make a firmware for my router. TP LINK TL-WR820N

Hello good people, as the world probably know, internet connection here in the Philippines suck, and it's too expensive. My family is literally paying 70 usd for a 10mb/s connection which isn't even a fiber connection. I desperately need help to change my router firmware.

I recently bought a new router because my old one (provided by my isp) is 7 yrs old and constantly failing, however I found out that the new router QoS feature is very limited, and there's no option for bandwidth control.

As of the moment 6 devices are sharing in the connection, and my in game latency became unbearable, and my only choice is to control upload and download of each device.

After a bit of googling I found out that I can change the firmware of my router, but I couldn't find a specific firmware for my router. My router is TP LINK TL-WR820N

I am so desperate to install a different firmware but I'm also afraid of destroying my router if I make a mistake.

I would have made my own if I can but I have no knowledge about Linux and other needed stuff. I came here maybe expert people can help me out. Thank you all so much.

Your router is not supported

Check this for supported devices

Please do your research before buying a device.

Based on the very little information available about this device, it's safe to assume that it will never be supported.

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Hello I'm aware that it's not supported but maybe there's still a way to do it

And answer is no:

OpenWRT can't operate on devices with less than 32MB RAM and 4MB Flash.

WR820N have 8 MB RAM and 1MB Flash.
There is NO WAY to be supported nor now nor in future.


That router is too old to be of any use.

Upgrade to a more recent and supported router

see this link: TP-Link TL-WR820n V2 (EU)

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Well never say never. I am still waiting for my last shipment from abroad. Then the testing begins. However, it is very unlikely and nearly impossible to make even an extremely stipped down version of OpenWrt working on this device without hardware mods. Keep an eye on my topics I will update when my last parts have arrived. Or send me a pm. That's also okay.

As of now, it's just a project for me to learn and
understand more about OpenWrt.


Let's be clear about this (and yes, this is just re-iterating what has already been told about this device):

  • mt7628kn SOC, with 8 MB embedded RAM (non-expandable)
  • 2 MB flash (the wiki says 1 MB, but based on the firmware size it must be 2 MB)
  • OEM firmware is based on VXworks, not linux (so no sources available, blackbox porting would have to start from zero)

OpenWrt's minimum hardware requirements:

  • 8 MB flash (4 MB is no longer enough, even for a custom build it's getting extremely hard to get most basic and bare bones functionality going)
  • 64 MB RAM (32 MB is kind of working, in a very limited way - 16 MB is not, <fullstop> - 8 MB, <muahahaha>)

Chances for OpenWrt support, official or otherwise: 0%.


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