Please help me to control many devices openwrt

hi guys I hope to help me about controlling many devices installed openwrt
like reboot them all on same time
and change settings for all
like airControl2 for Ubiquiti
server to control all
and speed test between them and watching clients connect and choose the best channel
and make backups for all
and make many things other

and one more thing I hope to help me
if I make one device one wifi client WDS and two wifi is AP WDS
the AP WDS not showing until the client contacted Why
I want to showing AP WDS whatever client connection or not who do that
Note that I have experience in the field of software development
and I compiler many devices
thanks for all

The only management tool I am aware of is OpenWISP. However I didn't have the chance to use it so far.

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thank you
and other about keeping AP WDS shows whatever if there station WDS or not

I am not sure about the WDS question, apologies.

When WDS stations connect to a WDS AP, the AP spawns a new interface for each one, e.g. wlan0.sta1 and places this interface into the LAN bridge. Each of these interfaces will contain exactly one client. The numbers start at 1 and are assigned in the order connected-- so always going to have a correspondence to the same station.

Non-WDS stations remain connected as a group to wlan0.

Why not use ANSIBLE to accomplish this. It's pretty simple to setup and scripting is straightforward.

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In this page you can see some of the features of OpenWISP:

It's mostly used to create configuration templates which are then applied to all the devices.

The monitoring module is still in its infancy but there's some screenshots and a discussion available at: