Please don't feed the trolls

In the 18+ months since we set up the OpenWrt (née LEDE) forum, I have been delighted at the high level of discourse that has occurred in the discussions.

In recent weeks, there have been a few occurrences where posters have hijacked a topic, or started new topics that seem to exist only to be argumentative. They bring heat, but not much new light, to the discussion.

These people are trolls.

They delight on saying outrageous (or merely off-kilter) things, attempting to draw attention to themselves as they "educate" people who respond in good faith. They often respond with more controversial statements (or feigned ignorance), to keep you arguing.

Don't feed the trolls.

If you feel the urge to reason with people, especially in the face of an earlier clear argument, consider that you're being trolled. They're getting delight from your anger - so just let it go. Don't reply.

If something is so egregious that it cannot stand, please flag it so that a disinterested moderator can review the conversation.

Let's preserve the high quality of the OpenWrt forum. Don't feed the trolls. Thanks.