Please build openwrt for cudy wr1200

I am using cudy wr1200. But there are lots for feature is missing like bandwidth controls etc.

The Cudy WR1200 is not even in the ToH.
A firmware doesn't come out of the blue, it has to be made by people who own the device and put an awful load of work on it.
If my infos are correct, the WR1200 uses a RealTek 8192ES SoC.
I haven't found a single device with this SoC that is supported by OpenWrt.

My guess is: It's highly unlikely (> 95%) that this router will ever get any OpenWrt firmware.

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You can install extra packages to add this functionality. For example if you wanted to control bandwidth, you could perhaps use sqm.

I have not this product but another similar ( CUDY 6 )

You use OEM firmware ?

If yes configure software opkg configuration remove lines with # if exist
Install packages

Cudy wr1200 has MediaTek mt7628 which is single core cpu and clock speed is 580MHz.
Ram: 64mb
Flash: 8mb

8/64mb devices are EOL after the upcoming release, due to insufficient flash and memory capacity.

There's no point in bringing the device onboard.

I have Cudy wr1200 v2

And is it any different?

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CPU: MediaTek MT7628A
CPU Cores: 1
CPU MHz: 580
Flash MB: 8
RAM MB: 64

And what makes you think my 2nd last answer doesn't apply to it ?