Please add Deciso as brand

I would like to add DEC700 series as supported devices, the manufacturer is called Deciso.

Thank you

Hmmm.... I couldn't find any git commit for this device:

neither an OpenWrt image on

Where can I find an OpenWrt image for this device?

Isn't this the brand behind the opnSense project? I'm not sure, but I think some (all??) of their systems are based on x86.

It is AMD Ryzen based so probably good to go with
Not tried it but probably need to boot from usb then install on the built in ssd.
It's VERY expensive though.

I have a DEC740 here running OpenWrt Snapshot. 21.02 doesn't recognize the SoC based 10G NICs.
Yeah it's x86 and it runs OpenWrt very well so far. I'm using USB flash because the builtin NVME is a little bit over the top for for such a device.
"Very expensive" depends on the point of view. If you compare it with other devices having dual 10G SFP+ and such a powerfull CPU I think you will have trouble finding a cheaper one, especially with this low power consumption and size.

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That should be relatively easy to rectify, you probably just have to install the necessary kernel modules to support it (e.g. igb for Intel networking (or corresponding broadcom/ marvell drivers, whatever hardware is on your board), which isn't preinstalled by default).

No. It's not available. Name is amd-xgbe.

kmod-amd-xgbe is available in master (snapshots).

Yes indeed, in fact if you have a gigabit ethernet feed then it is a bargain.
I guess I will witdraw my "VERY expensive" comment :wink:

Will you please add the brand, so I can create the wiki pages, please.

Huh? Do you have problems in selecting Deciso when creating a new devicepage?
When have you last tried?

Just asking, because that brand was already available when I checked 1min ago.

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