Placing captive portal TL-WR940N V6.0

hey guys i want to place captive portal in the opnwrt in this router TL-WR940N V6.0

good for you, have fun!

how can do this? task is it posible to run a cptive portal from this router ?

probably, but it's also unsupported going back 6 years or so.

what about ac1900 c80
and ac1200

c80 isn't supported, as for the other two, do you think there's only one ac1900 and ac1200 router out there ?

sorry c50 1200 tplink

the C50 is supported -, select snapshot if you got a v6.

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which router can i buy sir i have already bricked a router i just strting off.. i have placed all my business liquidity on this please help

yes i bricked one c50 tried tftp but the router has no ethernet connection so i cant perform tftp

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I would not recommend the C50 either. Look for a model with at least 16/128 (MB flash / MB RAM) memory to be able to readily run advanced applications. Fighting small memory space will be a headache especially for a beginner.

depends on where you live.

if you have a C50, start there, but it's a low capacity device, and will be EOL:ed by openwrt coming release, due to insufficient flash space -

they can usually be resurrected using serial.

it is c50 v6 serial meanig i would have to open up the router right?

which model is best and is market available africa

it's supposed to be installable via the stock webUI, according to the commit.

no connection is coming from the router which router have you prsnallty worked with and launched a webserver domain on them ?

no idea what that means.

probably none of the ones you got access to/can buy.

not sure what webserver domain is, but all openwrt routers have a web server.

let me just focus on the TL-WR940 v6.0 it runs but no internet when i ran ssh it runs, but opkg nor ipkg is working thus i cannot install nds(no dog splash) so to this i found a package of installing opkg using wget followed by the download link but ,the router has no internet connection solve this i need a solve on how to get internet access and how to install opkg fuction in the router

then I suggest you start a new thread about your internet access issues.

make sure you describe your uplink.