PKG_SOURCE_URL and file:// location

I am trying to build packages with a local tarball. Would the file:// protocol work for PKG_SOURCE_URL or was this support removed?

The error I'm getting is:
Wrong local cache directory -/builds/2devnull/openwrt-modemmanager-packages-.

This is what the Makefile has:


I saw this document is using it:

And I also see this check here:

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This doesn't look like an absolute path, so remove the leading slash, or specify the proper absolute path.

It should be absolute as it is what I see in the gitlab runner logs.

This fails when checking for directory existence:

So, either the directory doesn't exist, or the path is wrong.

Yes, the path was incorrect as this is using Docker-in-Docker (DinD). Needed to place the tarballs in the bind mounts.

This path is now working:


Thanks for helping on this one.

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