Pkg_hash_check_unresolved: cannot find dependency kernel

I have gotten this error in the past when I was compiling and installing an image I made. The last couple of times I just wait a day or 2 and update, install and the errors go away. I either get 0 of these errors or an error for every kmod-* package. My actual error this time around is
*pkg_hash_check_unresolved: cannot find dependency kernel (= 5.10.149-1-6ff1f802e677585471e0ec9bdffb624f) for kmod-
I understand the reason is cannot find the kernel but I just compiled everything including the kernel using imagebuilder without errors.

This typically happens if you are working with snapshot (regardless if you download an image, use the image builder, or compile yourself). If you're compiling everything yourself, you should also build all of the additional packages you want/need so that it is consistent (and persistent) with the snapshot build you are using. Or, if it is an option, simply switch to a stable release build and then the package dependencies will not be a moving target.

When you get the message “Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for…” it is most likely because you installed a snapshot version of OpenWrt.
Read here for possible solutions.

There has been a recent kernel version update, so it may take 2-3 days before all packages in the buildbot (that are also used in the imagebuilder) are again in sync with the newets kernel.

If you are building with the full toolchain, a "make clean" should straigthen things.

I have no real solution. I just waited a day and performed git pull and ./script/feeds/update -a && ./script/feeds/install -a and a couple of days later. Not exactly top tier performance but I cant use stable build for an odroid H2+ because the stable x86_64 image has never worked for me.

To be clear, I cant suggest a solution except my own. I waited a day and updated. I did not modify anything. just run git pull and ./scripts/feeds/update -a && ./scripts/feeds/install -a after a day or 2 and your compilation may work if you had the same errors as me.

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