Pirelli a226m - problem 18.06.1

I'm trying to install this version but I've encountered a problem after loading the firmware:

*** Press any key to stop auto run (1 seconds) ***
Auto run second count down: 0
Trying to boot from previous MAIN image (0x00000000) ...
Code Address: 0x00000000, Entry Address: 0x00000000
SGP - Flash Kernel Address: 0xBE010100
SGP - ulImgCrc : 0xEC9187C6  
SGP - Tag->kernelLen: 0x0015B408
SGP - Flash Kernel Address: 0xBE010100
Linux kernel CRC error.  Corrupted image?
SGP - Tag Kernel crc : 0xEC9187C6 - calculated: 0x2E4CD9CE 
SGP - Decompression Kernel length: 0x00000000 pucSrc: 0xBE01010C
web info: Waiting for connection on socket 0.

I have installed this listed here for my modem:

Specifically, I downloaded this file:
With other older versions it works. with this it does not work