Pingcontrol - network interface watchdog app

A simple script to control the network connection via ping.
Can restart the network interface or restart the device.
Can execute cli commands in case of ping loss and in other cases.


Source code:



Interesting package. The ability to bounce the interface rather than just rebooting makes it different than the existing "watchcat" package.

The lack of documentation makes me leery of installing this. ("What is this? What does it do? Why should I trust it?)

Adding a paragraph or two of explanation for each of the screenshots (above) in a README on the Github pages would lend more credibility to the project. Thanks for listening

When is the last time you checked watchcat? The restart interface feature has been in for over a year.

I see PingControl is able to ping multiple targets, that's good. Are the commands executed if one target isn't reacheable, or if all targets aren't?

I personally like pingcheck (Project Repo), but this one has an integration in LuCI, which is nice.

Perhaps it makes sense to have pingcheck as "workhorse" instead of scripts?