Ping hostnames (not ip's)


I'm running an openwrt like firmware on my Access Points but i cant figure out how to ping hostnames rather than ip adresses. (locally)
If at all possible i'd prefer not to install anything. (definitely not something that could impact the functioning of the Access Points.
Creating something like a dns server is not feasible for me.

is there any way as to ping hostnames rather than ip addresses?

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is the "openmesh like firmware" openwrt ?

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ahh sorry, my mind is all over the place.
Yes, it's an openwrt based firmware ^_^.
Looking to ping local machines which i cant access, via hostnames.

based as in published by openwrt, or a 3rd party ?

.... and do the clients have static IPs, or DHCP ?

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i do think so, it states

firmware-ng: fw-ng-r6.4.15-522fbe8
Powered by these open source projects:

IP's are via DHCP

then it's not openwrt , and the version doesn't seem to match any LEDE releases.

LEDE is EOL since 3 years or so, when it merged back to/with openwrt.

if you don't have a local DNS, for the DHCP could update, you'll need to put entries in the hosts file(s).
That won't work until you set static IPs to all the devices, either by reconfiguring them to use fixed IPs, or static leases from the DHCP.


First of all, thanks for such clear helpfull fast replies!

If i were to be able to install ackages, would there be a possible package that would resolve it for me?

depends on which solution you'd like to have.

hosts file entries doesn't require any packages.
DNS would, unless you already have one in place.

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I read something along the lines of mDNS.
But i'm no sure if i can use it without having to configure other things (which preferrably not).
Would mDNS be a solution?

Tried installing mdns-utils on a test device but it doesn't have enough space.

Or did you mean setup a different dns server?

I haven't worked with mDNS, but it seems the clients have to support it, to be able to utilize it.
if your clients do, then go for it.

Most people/setups rely on DNSes on internet (google, opendns, cloudflare, etc) or provided by ISP.
Those DNSes have no clue about what's going on in your network, so you need an internal DNS, covering your own LAN.

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Thanks for the explanations!
Is there any reason why windows pc's are able to resolve the devices but linux devices not?

ping pc1 (works on windows)
ping pc1 (doesnt work on linux)

Depends on the device, and which protocols it's supporting, since there are several ways of doing the same thing.

but yes, mDNS works in Win10

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Thanks for the replies!
Sadly mdns requires more space on the device than is available.
I'm going to be looking into alternatives.
Thanks for all the help!

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