Piece of cake vs simplest.qos (for gaming)

Hello everyone. Im playing alot of multiplayer like Call of Duty and they using port 3074 udp. I'm interesting to know the diffrence between piece of cake vs simplest.qos. I'm getting lower ping with simplest.qos but for some reason it feels much smoother with piece of cake, does anyone know why or have any advice? results piece of cake simplest.qos

SQM trades off fastest response time and greatest bandwidth in various ways for a more consistent experience. There's no magic you can do to make your ISP any smoother, just "hide" their blemishes in a reasonable way for your needs.

Every user needs to make a choice based on their own needs. Sort of like a car. A stiff suspension can give you the best cornering performance, but the ride isn't terribly smooth.

CAKE has advantages over "simplest" for many as it is easier to tune and can perform better when there are multiple TCP connections involved.


@jeff 's suspension analogy might not be far from the truth :slight_smile:

i would suggest you continue with cake unless there is a reason not to. it uses codel internally while doing lots of other useful things to keep traffic from interfering with another.

variation of delay (jitter) is generally more harmful to interactivity than delay on its own...

I have random results on dslreports sometimes. But after doing some test cake is the winner. I have stable ping and extremly low bufferbloat and connection feels much more smoother when im gaming. piece of cake results

ICMP is optimized at every stackpoint to be a lightweight responsive host to host interaction. LOW ping means point to point congestion at a routing level not impacting ICMP and in an optimal world.... the path host to host is free of bottlenecks.

To tell you about protocol interactions on a stack level.... which is where "QoS" is in effect..... throw real world protocols at a stack, ...... and assess how the stack handled in totality

ICMP 96% tells you not much at all.... and the 4% is pretty binary.... ... just another protocol in the stack.

Glad you found a nice result :slight_smile:


I really like cake. I tried fq_codel with htb but cake takes it all. I have stable and lower ping with cake. But I don’t know whats best for my setup. I have an Xbox, chromecast and a PC. When I’m gaming, sometimes my girlfriend is watching netflix and youtube, what do you think will be most optimal for online gaming? Piece of cake or layer cake?

Edit: playing lot of cod and the connections are most UDP.

A hard question to answer from a distance... and has been said, might vary from ISP to ISP... Cake in general should be the better qdisc choice, which script, and which settings?

Try 'em out... in your different use cases, with lots of movie watching and not... etc. Thats probably the only way to know for your situation.


Ok tried both. They are really good but I will just stick too piece of cake. It gave me stable and lower ping in CoD and even on Xbox. Thanks :slight_smile: