Pi4 as wpa3 access point fails - what to check?


i can not access the wpa3 wifi set up on my pi4. 21.02 is running without issues (updated via sysupgrade-image, like recommended) and the issue i have appeared on older versions as well.

background: the small access point range of the pi4 is ideal for me - large enough for main use in living room and small enough for not being interfered by other networks. perfect!

problem: i can set up an access point with wpa3, my phone and laptops can see it, but not access it.

phone says: password wrong (quadruple checked, it's right, contains 21 numbers only)
laptop with arch linux says: it's insecure, because wep (though it's showing wpa3 in the settings)

i may (most probably) have configured something wrong - so where should i start to search for errors?

i prefer luci and configured there, but can do on cli, what is nescessary.

thanks for any help!


wpa3 is not supported/working on this board


thx! but... i definitely had id working at the very beginning with openwrt months ago. with wpa3-psk - devices could access. until i set it up again for other reasons...

was this just luck or a glitch in the matrix?

"No Raspberry Pi currently supports WPA3"



this would mean, my positive experience with wpa3 was a misunderstanding (maybe wpa2 and wrong memories...). too sad :frowning:
thx wulfy!

They don't even work as a client of a WPA2 AP which has MFP (ieee80211w) set to optional. The Pi built in WiFi is very limited and being Broadcom has little support.

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