Phicomm K3 thoughts

I've recently purchased a phicomm k3 from ebay (waiting for the shipment) to replace my d-link dir-860l, which I've been rocking for two years with lede/openwrt without any issues.

Does anyone know what is the status of the phicomm k3 with openwrt? I saw there are some official builds but no meaningful topics/comments here in the forum. Any happy owners out here?

Happy holidays!

Phicomm K3 A1 has snapshot support. (this page needs someone to enter usefull information like installation instructions, bootlogs and other stuff)

Sparse installation instructions:;a=commit;h=62dadcb86c6e6f80ce6fbcd89befc3cc22c2176a

I had a K3 as well, however it's the B1 version. B1 and A1 has the same hardware, but the pre-installed firmware maybe different. I manually soldered serial connection for easier debugging, you can using CFE to install OpenWRT firmware.

The biggest issue with K3 using OpenWRT is the buggy wireless drivers - common for Broadcom-based devices.

As for now, I'm using as it now has stable releases (along with packages repository), and I'm generally happy with it - except for the wireless.

I can't get it to respond to anything, i tried the tricks with holding the reset and two serial cables without any luck (do you have to connect voltage or only tx, rx, ground). Please share your procedure for the serial connection. Thanks!

For the wifi people seem to be happy when using another firmware. See last comment here -

For the wifi people seem to be happy when using another firmware

I think they are saying the original firmware has the best wifi.

For serial Vcc is not needed (rx/tx/gnd is needed), bitrate is 115200. Try switch tx and rx if you can see nothing after powering on.

Anyway, I will update the OpenWRT wiki for K3 B1 version sometime...

Thanks, do you have to hold reset or press any key (ctrl+c) to get anything in the terminal ?

get anything in the terminal

There should be meaningful output as soon as you powered on if your serial connection is correct.

Holding reset or press ctrl+c is only needed if you would like to switch to CFE's 'debug' mode (i.e. interrupt standard boot procedure).