Performance with mwan3

How much of a performance hit should I expect with mwan3 on a TP-link Archer C7 if I am using 2 WANs? Will my speed go down drastically if my internet speed is close to 1 Gbps? Thanks.

The Archer c7 can't do routing at 1 GBit/s line speed under any circumstances, even before looking at mwan3 (depending on your tolerance for latencies more like 150-250 MBit/s, the upper end of that estimate already is on the wishful thinking end of the stick). For WAN speeds exceeding 400-500 MBit/s, options are limited to highend devices (mvebu or x86), ath79/ ar71xx can't compete in that class.

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Thanks. Basically I want to use one wan for one pc and another for all other pcs. Is there a better way to achieve what I want. Other than MWAN. Since one wan is going to go into one pc only

Not if you expect anything remotely close to 1 GBit/s of throughput; mwan3 is not the problem, the hardware is.