Performance of Banana PI for routing

Saw some threads about the Banana Pi as a router, but I didn't see specific benchmark numbers. I'm looking only at wired 1 gigabit performance for a LAN to WAN router (I have separate APs for WiFi and thus don't need the router to do wireless).

Can anyone supply benchmark results for the following:

  1. LAN to WAN via NAT IPv4 Performance
    • Can it saturate a gigabit?
  2. LAN to WAN via NAT IPv4 from 3+ LAN clients
    • Can it saturate a gigabit to the WAN still or do all 3 clients get < 1/3rd?
  3. Maximum number of active network connections supported
    • Can hit handle 4+ LAN clients sending 262,144+ active connections combined?
    • Ex: Multiple LAN sources performing nmap scans out to a target on the WAN
      sudo nmap -sU -p- -T5 --defeat-icmp-ratelimit --min-rate 1000 --stats-every 5s

Which one of the many and varied BPi products are you talking about?

Banana Pi BPI-R4 or Banana Pi BPI-R3

WAN is 1Gbps, then all your clients won't add up with more than that, but it doesn't mean that it's going to be divided by 3 (if you have 3 clients), so there could be possibility that 1 client running on 500Mbps and then other 2 sharing remaining 500Mbps.

And if you are not interested on WiFi, then go for NanoPi R4S instead of BPI-R3

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