Performance indicators in the Table of Hardware

Continuing the discussion from Which hardware for x Mbit OpenVPN:

FYI - Over the weekend I will add the following two datafields to the dataentries:

OpenVPN performance                       :  # max Mbit achievable with OpenVPN
Wireguard performance                     :  # max Mbit achievable with Wireguard

Proposals for other performance indicators that help users chose the right device for their usecase are welcome!

Your proposal should look like above, i.e.
< Name of the performance indicator > # < Comment shown when dataentries are edited >

When editing a dataentry, this will be shown as:

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The idea is nice, but I see a few problems with this -- some minor, some major:

  • OpenVPN performance with which cipher? AES-128-CBC? AES-256-CBC? Other?
  • How is the performance measured? Synthetic (as in the openssl speed benchmark) or in real world iperf performance? AFAIK WireGuard cannot even be benchmarked in a synthetic way.
  • How can one field reflect if different people, different line qualities, different OpenVPN/WireGuard versions get different results?

I realize it should be some sort rough indication, but results will vary wildly.


Performance will be highly context-specific, like depending on the need for SQM, flow offloading, pppoe, NAT or not...

There is already sometimes annoying discussion where somebody claims a high routing performance for an ancient router while in typical real-life case the achievable performance is much lower.

So I hope that the table will have some guidance on what conditions the max performance is measured.


I hope you are motivated to do SQM too. :wink:

I hope I will be corrected by people in the know, but I think publishing some sort of openssl performance test would be better, at least as an indicator for OpenVPN performance.