Per Packet Overhead for fiber?


I need help with the following options for the Internet. Optical fiber, as shown in the pictures, as well as knowing that I put the number 44 bytes and it was not good enough

For your information, the download speed is 200 and the upload speed is 40

And the test indicates that there is stability in speed, but at the time of playing I notice that there is a delay of parts of the second and that helps the opponent to win, and I do not know what the problem is, as well as there is a lack of smoothness in the movement I do not know how to describe it to you):

There are issues beyond what SQM can help with. SQM helps only with ensuring your packets leave your network in a timely manner. It can't help with servers having problems or ISP problems or route issues or dropped packets along the path etc etc also overheating of your gaming console or similar

Do you mean that my internal network is intact and the errors and delays are from the service provider and what is behind that?
I can't solve it from my router

That looks likely based on what you show in your dslreports test. If you do another test and link to the actual results page I can take a look at the details. But if you have A+ on their test and virtually no variation in their ping times, you are evidently getting good results from SQM. If the game doesn't play well it's probably not something SQM can fix, rather it's a problem elsewhere.

Those both show extremely well controlled latency. It's not your SQM settings whatever it is.

Your opinion, why do I find a split-second delay against the other player and less smooth than him?

I have reported my problem with the 5g internet and I have answered my problem that it is difficult to keep the speed and the Sqm works well. I changed my service to fiber for stability and the problem of data loss disappeared from me, but the delay and I am facing difficulty in combat games. He sees me before I see it part of The second addition to the smoothest he has

A lot of people report these kinds of problems but their network is doing well. In my opinion it's likely due to one or the other problems such as

  1. the game just isn't coded well
  2. bad matchmaking algorithms
  3. ISP related problems on the route to the servers
  4. overloaded servers

And things like this