Per-Internal Isolation with Luci-Sqm-Qos

With internet speed going at a blazing 1.63 Mbit/s it has become clear to me that SQM's default equal share Per-Host isolation system leaves my gaming PC's bandwidth allotment simply not enough to play online games. I am trying to figure out how to give my gaming PC at least 1Mbit all to myself leaving everyone else to the .63 dregs so i can successfully stream the metadata I need to play Dota 2, CS:GO, etc. In the "how to make cake sing and dance..." section of this article [[[ ]]] it seems that what i want exists which theyre calling "per-internal". However they never explain how this is achieved, instead claiming that the more fair "per-host" system is more desired. Does anyone know where to unearth this secret "per-internal" documentation or just explain to me how its done? Thanks in advance

Mmmh, the decidedly unfair bandwidth allocation you want/need is not configurable with cake. For egress you could modify /use/lib/sqm/simple.qos but for ingress that will not be that easy.