Pentium 4405u enough for 1Gb WAN NAT + SQM?

hi, so hopefully soon there will be 1Gbps connectivity in my area (up from 7mbps adsl, yay) and i was looking at something that could handle such bandwidth.

currently i'm looking at one of those mini pcs on aliexpress, it's got a pentium 4405u dual core 2.1Ghz (sky lake)

afaik for SQM single core performance matters more than anything else so i ruled out the classic j1900. could this 4405u be sufficient?

If you search the forum, you will find performance numbers for a raspberry pi 4 that can do that and have plenty of cpu still left to spare.

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yea i've seen that, however i'm dubious as in another thread i've seen performance numbers for other platforms and with more thorough testing the only suitable platforms are mvebu and x86-64...