PCI-E External Storage methods?

I have a Meraki MR24 OpenWRT 18.06.4 flashed. OpenWRT is telling me I have no space left when I try to install a package. I got a PCI-E SSD module and a PCI-E USB 3.0 module. Inserted them both and nothing new came in "/dev/". No /dev/sda1 or new MTD devices.
A "dmesg | grep pc"i shows

[0.216] PCI host bridge /plbfpciex[AT]de0000000(primary)ranges:
0.266651] pci bus 0000:40:root bus resource[io ex00oe-exffff]
8.272773pcibus 8000:40:root bus resource[mem 8xe0800008e-[AT]xe7fffffff](bus address[ex8eaeonee-[AT]xffffffff
8.283053]pcCilbus 0000:40:root bus resource[mem exfe0eeeeeo-exfeoofffff](bus address[exaaaaaoaa-exeaefffff
8.293335] pci bus 0000:40:root bus resource[bus 40-ff]
0.298779] pci bus 0000:40:busn res:[bus 40-ff] end is updated to ff
0.298819] pci 0000:40:00.0:[aaaD:bede] type 01 class ax060400
Q.298857] pci 0000:40:00.0:reg [AT]x10:[mem [AT]x00000000-0x7fffffff pref]
0.304945] pci 0000:41:00.0:[111d:8039] type 01 class [AT]x060400
0.305006] pci 9000:41:00.0:Max Payload Size set to 256(was 128,max 256)
Q.311955] pci 0000:41:00.0:enabling Extended Tags
9.316936] pci 0000:41:00.0:PME# supported from De D3hot D3cold
0.317092] pci 0000:40:00.0:PCI bridge to [bus 41-7f]
9.322229] pci 0000:40:00.0: bridge window [io [AT]x0000-0xefff]
0.322238] pci 0000:40:00.0:bridge window[mem [AT]xe30000000-0xe30offfff]
9.322256]pci 0000:41:00.0:bridge configuration invalid([bus 92-04]),reconfiguring
0.339307]pci 0000:42:02.Q:[111d:8039] type e1 class exe66400
9.330369]pci 0000:42:02.0:Max Payload Size set to 256(was 128,max 256)
0.337321] pci 0000:42:02.0:enabling Extended Tags
0.342312] pci 0000:42:02.0:PME# supported from DO D3hot D3cold
0.342490] pci 0000:42:03.0:[111d:8039] type 01 class 0x060400
0.342551]pci 0000:42:03.0:Max Payload Size set to 256(was 128,max 256)
0.349502] pci 0000:42:03.0:enabling Extended Tags
0.354490] pci 0000:42:03.0:PME# supported from De D3hot D3cold
0.354690] pci 0000:41:00.0:PCI bridge to [bus 42-7f]
0.359837] pci 0000:41:00.0:bridge window[mem [AT]xe30000000-0xe300fffff]
0.359861]pci 000e:42:02.0:bridge configuration invalid([bus 03-03]),reconfiguring
0.367771]pci 0000:42:03.0:bridge configuration invalid([bus 04-04]),reconfiguring
0.375856]pci 0000:43800.Q:[168c:0030] type ee class exe2808e
0.375906] pci 0000:43:00.0:reg [AT]x10:[mem [AT]xe30000000-0xe3001ffff 64bit]
0.375964]pci 0000:43:00.0:reg ex3e:[mem exfe0000o0e-exfe0eoffff pref]
[AT].375979]pci 0000:43:00.0:can't set Max Payload Size to 256;if necessary,use "pci-pcie_bus_safe"and report a bu
0.386741] pci [AT][AT]00:43:00.Q:supports D1
0.386748] pci 000[AT]:43:00.0:PME# supported from De D1 D3hot
0.386907] pci [AT]00[AT]:42:02.0:PCI bridge to [bus 43-7f]
0.392056]pci 0000:42:02.0:bridge window[mem exe30000000-0xe3eefffff]
0.392162] pci_bus 0000:43:busn res:[bus 43-7f] end is updated to 43
0.392288] pci 0000:42:03.0:PCI bridge to [bus 44-7f]
0.397445] pci_bus 0000:44:busn _res:[bus 44-7f] end is updated to 44
0.397456] pci_bus 0000:42:busn res:[bus 42-7f] end is updated to 44
[AT].397475]pci bus 0000:40:busn res:[bus 40-ff] end is updated to 7f
9.397556]pci 0000:40:00.0:disabling bridge window[io 8x0000-8xffffffffffffffff]to bus 41-7f
[AT].407371]pci[AT]000:40:00.0:BAR8:assigned[mem [AT]xe00000000-0xe0oofffff]
0.414263]pci [at]0ee:41:00.0:BAR8:assigned[mem [at]xe00000000-0xe00offfff]
0.421172]pci 000[at]:42:02.[at]:BAR8:assigned[mem [at]xe00000000-0xeeoofffff]
0.428087]pci 000[at]:43:00.[at]:BAR[at]:assigned[men exe00000000-0xe0001ffff 64bit]
0.435527]pci [at]0ee:43:00.[at]:BAR6:assigned[mem [at]xe00020000-0xe0002ffff pref]
Q.442858] pci Q0[at]e:42:02.0:PCI bridge to [bus 43]
0.447785]pci Q000:42:02.0: bridge window[mem exe0ee00e00-0xe000fffff]
Q.454698]pci Q000:42:03.0:PCI bridge to [bus 44]
0.459624] pci e00e:41:00.0:PcI bridge to [bus 42-44]
0.464804]pci Q00e:41:00.0:bridge window[mem exe00000000-0xe000fffff]
0.471717] pci 0000:40:00.0:PcI bridge to [bus 41-7f]
0.476898]pci QQQ[at]:40:00.0:bridge window[mem exee0e00000-0xeooefffff]
0.483813] pci_bus 0000:40:resource 4 [io exeeao-exffffl
0.483820]pci_bus [at]000:40:resource 5[mem [at]xe000000oe-oxe7fffffff]
0.483827]pci_bus Q000:4[at]:resource 6[mem exf0000000e-oxf0oofffff]
Q.483834] pci_bus 000[at]:41:resource 1[mem [at]xe00000n0a-oxeeoofffff]
0.483841] pci_bus [at]e0e:42:resource 1[mem [at]xe00000eee-oxe0oofffff]
Q.483848]pci_bus 0000:43:resource 1[mem [at]xe0000000o-0xeooefffff]
2.562965] pcieport 0000:40:00.0:request AER IRQ O failed
2.562999] aer:probe of 0000:40:00.0:pcie002 failed with error-22
2.569309] pcie _pme:probe of 0000:40:00.0:pcie001 failed with error-22

Is PCI-E storage even supported on OpenWRT?

The PCIe bus on some Atheros chips is not a full implementation. It only has the functionality required to support wifi cards.

Well that stinks. I guess without a USB slot, I don't have any realistic options left. Thanks for the reply though!

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