PC Engines ALIX - CC15.05 to LEDE

I have 2 ALIX units, one is my primary router on CC 15.05.

The primary router has 3 LAN, 2 USB, 500 MHZ CPU and 256MB (2d13), the other 2 LAN, no USB 433MHZ CPU and 128MB (??).

I want to move to LEDE 17.01.4 and would like to know if I can build out the config on the 433MHZ CPU and then move the CF card to the better unit once I am happy with it. Will it recognize the different features seamlessly? Pretty much a standard router with OpenVPN and some custom pages.

I think I am mostly concerned about the network config as the 433 has 2 ports (ETH0 and ETH1) and the 2D13 has 3 (ETH0 thru ETH02). Easy enough to check a box to fix the bridge if the port is recognized.