PC engine APU2C4 with Wifi 6?

i don't get it...
2T2R is the : AW7915-NPD
4T4R is the : AW7915-NP1

what's wrong in the asiarf description ?

that's a very good news ! so no need to an extra heatsink for the 2T2R version then.

We will see, I am trying to add this to my monitoring now.

Ok have it added to monitoring now. It clearly made a difference when I put the cover back on my apu at 17:15. The RF cover is not getting as hot as the internals are, so the airgap is part of the issue. If I press on the RF cover so it contacts the chips directly it comes up from 20c to 41c. There is a box fan blowing past my apu but not directly on it. If it comes right down to it I will remove the RF shield, thermal epoxy a copper shim on both chips and put the RF shield back on in direct contact with the shim(with some heatsink grease. Then if I still have to apply a heatsink externally I will.

So did some digging. Some disassembly (I DON'T recommend this, the frame for the shield is poorly soldered and attached and I pulled one corner of the bottom frame loose)

The dual color TIM were on the chip side. The dual green were on the back. They are quite thick. My calipers are mia and it was 2am so I didnt feel like gutting everything to find them. I've ordered a 25x25x7mm copper heatsink and some TIM pads allegedly made from material capable of 12.8W/mK. I will try applying just the heatsink to the RF can first. If that doesnt cool well enough (its steel not the most thermally conductive thing) then I may machine an all copper top to replace it.

Irritating they dont warn about the heat issues. My temps so far are mostly staying below 74.

Interesting leftover glue and cut mark on that label. I wonder what was there before. :roll_eyes: