PBX GUI for OpenWrt availability?

Hi everyone,

does anyone out there know of an Asterisk PBX gui that can be installed on openwrt?



Feel free to search the Package Table.

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Thx lleachii.

nothing more user friendly, like what Asterisk-GUI was when it was available from digium?

The package table states that there are plugins for the Internal Asterisk HTTP page. There are over 5 pages of Asterisk-related packages.


Doesn't seem to work still need manual cli config. the luci app does nothing.

Any recommendations?

I wasn't aware you were attempting to configure Asterisk via web GUI, since the Wiki doesn't state that.



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thx lleachii,
Actually, hardware are being changed, upgraded and swap.
Asterisk is actually on an old NAS, QNAP NAS with working but defunct Asterisk GUI along with Asterisk 13.7.2.
Various troubleshooter with various level of competencies will have to administer the network from time to time, thats why im after a more userfriendly interface, I know there were the luci-pbx-app with chaos calmer which are still going strong on some site but it no more exist and not maintained.

Only two option left, Keep the old NAS for the pbx of get a chaos calmer dedicated for the pbx so its easy for the various in and out admin users.

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Is there any way to port the old Asterisk-gui to openwrt?



It's perhaps possible, but the page you linked shows


Personally, I'd worry about a router's CPU being able to run a GUI, wireless, routing, and keep call quality good at the same time. Perhaps a Pi-like board of your choice running Debian or the like and a currently maintained GUI would be a better path in terms of both getting what you desire, as well as performance.

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Yep, that what Im thinking of.

or may be acquire a yeastar dedicated pbx box

no good free gui available since some years now for asterisk.

Hopefully the maintainer of the old luci pbx will bring the app back to life