PBR mangle rules not recreated after firewall restart

I have some issues with pbr, upgraded to recent 0.9.3-7 but I didn't see much luck.
In a nutshell, whenever I reload the firewall, the mangle rules from pbr are lost and not recreated. I need to reload the pbr manually to make it work properly. Surprisingly the pbr service in Luci shows as stopped and cannot be started from the start button.
Before firewall restart:

and afterwards

it is fixed with:

root@magiatiko:[~]#service pbr start
Processing Interfaces ✓✓
Processing Policies ✓✓✓✓✓
pbr 0.9.3-7 monitoring interfaces: wan proton ✓
pbr 0.9.3-7 started with gateways:
wan/pppoe-wan/XXXXXXXXXX [✓]

There is a stanza in the firewall

config include 'pbr'
	option type 'script'
	option path '/usr/share/pbr/pbr.firewall.include'
	option family 'any'
	option reload '1'

however the file doesn't exist. Maybe this file was responsible to restart the pbr service upon firewall restart?

Is that on OpenWrt 21.02 or newer?

I use the procd service trigger so I was hoping that the firewall plugin isn't going to be necessary, so I commented that line out in the Makefile: https://github.com/stangri/source.openwrt.melmac.net/blob/master/pbr/Makefile#L54

Can you try if this would help:

		if type procd_add_service_trigger >/dev/null 2>&1; then
			procd_add_service_trigger "service.restart" "firewall" /etc/init.d/${packageName} reload
			procd_add_service_trigger "service.reload" "firewall" /etc/init.d/${packageName} reload

It is 21.02.1

I added the third line in /etc/init.d/pbr under the existing second. Then restarted the pbr and verified the mangle table had the pbr entries. Restarted the firewall and pbr entries were gone from mangle table. Restarted manually pbr and they appeared again.
Can we try with the pbr.firewall.include?

Thanks for testing, pbr 0.9.3-9 installs the firewall include file again.

Brilliant, thank you Stan!