Patch 802.11p (ath9k)


Does anyone know if there is a patch for Openwrt to operate with 802.11p?

I have found out that there was a patch developed by GCDC but I cannot find it.
My card´s chipset is AR9580 (ath9k)

Thank you in advance.

Perhaps I'm misreading things, but from,

in the licensed ITS band of 5.9 GHz (5.85-5.925 GHz)

So not only would you need a license, and probably type approval for the device, but 802.11ac operates in bands below 5.85 GHz. will be helpful. There are several papers and a git repo that I see there.

for example, indicates

In order to operate in accordance with the 802.11p standard
specifications, it is required to change the drivers and software
kernel of OpenWRT for the first card and to modify the
frequency band for the second card.