Patch 47361in OpenWRT

Due to same problem in SNAPSHOT r2539-78a1b6e is it possible to update LEDE with this patch?
As I see we have same problem with ACS Survey for Radio0:
root@Router7:/bin# logread | grep acs
Thu Dec 22 06:20:01 2016 daemon.notice netifd: radio0 (26794): sh: acs_survey: out of range
Thu Dec 22 16:03:58 2016 daemon.notice netifd: radio0 (27701): sh: acs_survey: out of range

LEDE already contains that patch 47361 from me, as the patch was committed in Nov 2015 and LEDE was branched off half a year later.

That error message is just a general shell error that a variable is uninitialized and is used before it has been set a value.

Your error is just a new instance of that same generic problem. My patch fixed just that one variable.

If you want to get it fixed, tell as exactly as possible what you were doing (how the bug gets triggered, from console or from LuCI) and which radio driver you have.

Based on an old Openwrt bug and on kernel wifi driver documentation, the option is not supported by all radio drivers.

Based on those only ath5k, ath9k and ath10k drivers support "acs_survey", and even then maybe with certain compile options.

OK, point by point answers:

  1. Device is Engenius EPG5000 based on QCA9558 + QCA9880 BR4A. Firmware is LEDE Reboot SNAPSHOT r2539-78a1b6e / LuCI Master (git-16.351.39912-0cd14a0), Core is 4.4.38.
  2. Problem was detected after firmware installation and packet "WiFi schedule" testing only for QCA9880 AC radio (Radio0).
  3. Drivers and kmod packets for Radio0 are default ath10k-firmware-qca988x v. 2016-09-13-b063774393..9-1
    and kmod-ath10k v. 4.4.38+2016-10-08-1 from LEDE repository (because firmware was not including AC support by default).
    Simple searching was transferring to OpenWRT patch page, which covers this issue, but there is no information, that same patch was applied to current firmware for my router.
    I can try to compile custom firmware with this patch if it's important.