Pass parameters to Kernel Module

I am trying to pass some parameters to my kernel module before inserting it in LEDE. Usually in Linux distributions you do the following:

modprobe Parameter1=Value1 Parameter2=Value2 ....

However, it seems in LEDE that we can only insert a module without passing parameters i.e. the module will load with default parameters. If I try to pass parameters, the Kernel does not accept that and it reports an error.To load a module with a specific parameters, we need to to insert the parameters in the file which corresponds to that module in the following path:


If I do that and reboot my router, things work perfectly. So my question is there anyway to pass parameters to a Kernel module on the fly without the need to reboot the router?

Command insmod should accept parameters just fine. The usage should be insmod <modname> param1 param2 ...

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